GLADSTONE offline (Resolved) Outage
5 days

Service was restored around 2:13 PM Eastern

At 1:51 the OS on the primary mailbox server forced a restart. At the time of the reboot, the replicas were 8 minutes behind and could not automatically fail over without force. Upon checking the crashed server, it was already in the process of loading into windows. We elected not to force a fail over as we did not want to lose the pending 8 minutes of data. Prior to the reboot, we had reports from various partners regarding IOS connectivity and OWA connectivity. We're still monitoring the situation, but at the moment all services are reporting operational.

Update 04/06/2020 17:56 PM 5 days

Our monitoring has notified us about access issues to GLADSTONE starting at 1:53 PM Eastern. We are actively investigating the issue.