r.xdref.com Feature Update (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
1 days

Quick update, we continue to work on r.xdref.com as we roll out new functionality, settings, and ease of use. Here is what we did today:

- Currently working on the ability that if you whitelist or blacklist for one alias, it'll trickle down to all aliases and the main account. 

- To add to that, the functionality to whitelist and blacklist items for an alias domain to trickle down to all alias domain's and the Main Domain.

- Rolled out the wild card feature we have on our standard whitelists and blacklists. Meaning you can now do an entry for :

- *.domain.com - to grab all sub-domains for the domain

- domain.com - to whitelist/blacklist the domain itself

We'll continue to update you with new features as we continue to update the service.